This Fallout 4 Player Has Recreated The Battle Of Helm’s Deep


It’s the crossover you never knew you wanted. Or maybe you did know you wanted it. Either way, it’s here now. Youtube’s Cosmic Contrarian has managed to create the Lord of the Rings location Helm’s Deep, and then put together a near perfect recreation of the famous battle. 

Of course, in Lord of the Rings, The Battle of Helm’s Deep is between Orcs and Men, with our heroes doing the real work in the thick of the action while that little bugger Frodo ran around moaning about having to carry a ring (off topic, but I hate that guy).

Anyway, here, The Brotherhood of Steel and The Minutemen have joined forces to put an end to a Super Mutant horde. There’s no Frodo in sight. All is well.

This isn’t the first Fallout battle video Cosmic Contrarian has made. It is in fact the 14th, if you couldn’t guess from the number on the video. Cosmic has also put together such gems as 30,000 glowing Deathclaws fighting 300 Super Mutants, so they’re definitely worth a watch if that’s your cup of tea.

It’s wonderful melding of two fantastic franchises, and when you think about it, there are a few similarities. Orcs and Super Mutants have quite a bit in common (kind of) and to be honest, we always suspected Legolas was secretly using V.A.T.S.