This Fan Theory For Monsters Inc Is Actually Pretty Dark

by : Mark Foster on : 13 Aug 2015 17:17

Remember how awesome Monsters Inc was? Remember how cool Mike and Sully were? Remember when Sully was killed, skinned and turned into a toilet seat cover? Good times.

According to tumblr user RantingRandall’s pictures, that’s pretty much exactly what happened after the credits roll on one of Pixar’s most treasured family films.


In one scene, apparent mega bastard Randall tells Sully that he heard rumours of humans killing monsters and using their skins to decorate toilet seats, which amuses Sully no end – little knowing the vile fate that would befall him.

Skip forward to the Pixar short Partysaurus Rex, where Toy Story’s dinosaur Rex learns to cut loose and relax – something that’s probably pretty difficult to do with the disembodied flesh of one of animation’s most beloved characters heaped 3ft away.



This isn’t the first time Pixar has left little nuggets connecting its films for fans to find, and there’s even a pretty popular theory that ties them all together.

RantingRandall adds ‘It’s synthetic…. I hope’ to the end of their post, which will at least give some solace to non-believers. But let’s face it – Sully is dead, and his blood’s on our hands.

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