This Fearless Explorer Uncovers A Scary Ass Cave Used For Demonic Rituals.

by : UNILAD on : 23 Feb 2017 16:13

Aquachigger is back at it again, this time he’s venturing into a Satanic cave.


The last time we saw our intrepid explorer he discovered a 300-year-old well that doubles as a snake pit, something that Indiana Jones would have trouble dealing with.

This time Ouimette, better known by his YouTube moniker, ventures into a very creepy cave. It’s definitely not the Batcave – although he does find a bat – instead it the serves as a place of worship for the devil.

We shit you not here guys, how do we know? Well as Ouimette points out at the beginning of the video he’s heard of a place that does Satanic rituals and he believes that it’s the very cave that he’s discovered.


This is backed up by the fact that there are various blood markings scrawled on the walls of the cave.

It’s also littered with the bones of dead animals, including the skull of one unfortunate critter.

As he delves further into the cave he discovers a makeshift altar, Ouimette is under the theory that it may be used for making sacrifices to Beelzebub himself.

You can clearly see that Ouimette is a bit scared as he bravely takes his viewers through the cave’s contents and we don’t blame him.

By the end of the video it’s nearly sundown and he just wants to get the hell out of there, because who wants to bump into members of a Satanic cult in the dead of night eh?

We’re pretty sure they’re not pleasant folks.

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