This Football Team Just Lost Their Olympic Qualifier Game 46-0

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When featuring for the first time in an Olympic qualifying tournament, Micronesia players were elated, but in hindsight, they might wish they had stayed at home.

Their manager claimed he didn’t have ‘high expectations’ before the match – and after losing 46-0 in a game that also doubled as a Rio Olympic qualifier – that turned out to be a good thing for Micronesia, who to put it kindly, were utterly decimated.

Given they also lost 30-0 to Tahiti and 38-0 to Fiji, little hope was held for the side, who took a team of younger players with them. And after coach Foster revealed most of the players hadn’t even left the island before and were overawed by the occasion, it is easy to understand how they lost – although by such margin is still slightly hard to comprehend.


That basically translates as conceding a goal every couple of minutes, and in the space of one game, they managed to concede more goals in three than Lionel Messi managed to score in the space of two years.

Manager Stan Foster claimed:

These are a team of boys and they’re playing against men. But the makings are there. If we just to stick to our development I’m sure we can join the other teams.


Ironically, despite netting 46 goals in one game, their opponents Vanuatu failed to qualify after results elsewhere failed to go in their favour.

This team must be really bad.