This Genius Entrepreneur Earns £1000-Per-Week, He’s 11-Years-Old


They say it’s good to know what you want to do when you grow up, but this kid takes the biscuit…

This young entrepreneur is making more than £1,000 a week, at just 11-years-old. I’m already jealous beyond belief.

Henry Patterson started off selling manure before moving onto sweets and has now invested his own earnings and used £17,000 of grant funding to now produce a children’ book and merchandise branding with characters from his shop.


The baby-faced businessman has revealed his products are now stocked by more than 70 different companies including Fenwick and Not on the High Street and that his company’s annual sales have gone past £65,000. I don’t think I’ve even earnt that in my lifetime- how depressing.

After using his profits to buy himself a puppy, Henry – who lives in Lidlington, Bedfordshire – has now launched his own YouTube childrens channel NBTV and is writing a business book for next year- where does he find the time with all that homework to do?


The Buckingham schoolboy – who was named “one to watch” at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards last year – started coming up with business ideas when he was just five years of age. His first venture involved selling bags of manure for £1 at just seven-years-old before launching an eBay store selling items he bought from charity shops.

Despite his young age, he has some pretty handy tips and wise words of wisdom for budding businessmen out there.

Henry said: “My main advice is to start with having a stand at a car boot sale. You learn how to display, price, handle money and talk to customers. All the skills you need to know in the future.”


Alan Sugar in the making? Let’s fucking hope not…