This Genius Smuggled His Mate Into The Cinema By Pretending To Be Overweight


Let’s be honest, as great as the cinema is, it’s pretty fucking expensive – but two lads found a fiendishly clever way to solve the problem.

Two best mates managed to fulfil their lifelong dream of sneaking into a movie theatre in one set of clothing by pretending to be an overweight guy – thanks, world obesity crisis!

The pair spent an awful lot of time experimenting with how best to merge into the perfect single being. Their first attempt is particularly disastrous, looking less like a fat guy and more like an in denial conjoined twin.


Their second attempt is perfect though, with one of the men grasping on to the torso of his mate – like a particularly determined sloth. All they need then is a set of roomy clothes and they’re good to go.

Miraculously, they actually manage to convince an usher that they’re a particularly odd shaped human and he sells them a single ticket.

We can’t help but feel that with the amount of effort they put into pulling this off, it would have been far easier to just buy two tickets.