This Girl Is Being Stalked By A Wolf Spider In Her Own Home

by : UNILAD on : 14 Jul 2015 13:09


A 21-year-old childcare worker is being stalked in her own home by a massive wolf spider that lives under her shower.


The eight-legged tenant has been terrorising Natalie Woods for the last three months after she first noticed it scuttling across her bathroom at her home in Gravesend, Kent.

Three months later, its presence is still larger than life and it has grown much bigger, and while wolf spiders are not known to attack humans, a defensive bite from one of these things is venomous and will cause swelling.


The wolf spider isn’t like any other spider though. It doesn’t catch its prey in the traditional way, so instead of spinning webs, it hunts and chases down its food – and it is pretty effective, as it can cover over 2ft per second.


Natalie’s story only recently came to light, when she decided to take to social media with pictures of her unwelcome friend – and she has since gone viral.

And while she has admitted that the spider is terrifying her, she has been reassured by expert Jack Fenwick of Naturally Wild that the spider is unlikely to cause her any harm.


Still, I’d rather not share my home with this thing, no matter how harmless it is.

Rather you than me, Natalie!

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    Childcare worker, 21, is terrorised by a giant WOLF SPIDER living under her shower for the last three months