This Girl’s Selfie Is Seriously Messing With People’s Heads


We’re only two days into the new year and people are losing their shit over the latest social media phenomena. 

We’ve had the raging debacle that was ‘The Dress’ two years ago, where the internet went into meltdown as to whether a woman’s dress was blue and black or white and gold.

It seems that things aren’t changing much in 2017 and we’re as obsessed as ever with strange, internet-based optical illusions.

The latest one to drive Twitter crazy, is a woman taking a seemingly normal selfie in a striped top, which seems legit at first glance, but apparently has blown users minds…

This is because once they’ve zoomed in on the picture, an odd thing happens, the top distorts and turns into a zig-zagged top, which looks completely different to the one she was originally spotted wearing.

This seemed to have sent Twitter users into a meltdown as they posted frenzied responses to the bizarre item, of clothing.

One commented:

Another added:

Despite its weird appearance, there is actually a logical explanation behind this mysterious occurrence.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, the top does look completely different when you zoom in, but only on your phone.

This is all down to appearance of the pixels on your phone’s screen, as they look much larger on most low-resolution phones.

Apparently, before posting she consulted her friend to decide which one to share, the Daily Star reports.

She said:

Honestly I just sent 3 pictures to my friend and she happened to pick that one and that’s the one I posted.

I had no idea it did that.

Her crazy post has since gone viral, earning itself 10k likes and thousands of retweets.

Oh internet, how you love a drama.