This Google Boss Is So Rich He Doesn’t Even Know What He Gets Paid

googgsMatt Brittin

If your place of employment is in one of Google’s many headquarters then you probably don’t have to check your bank balance more than once a year – and this especially applies if you’re Google executive Matt Brittin.

The company’s British-born European boss has been accused of being ‘out of touch with reality’ after being unable to tell MPs how much he earns during a Commons grilling.

Brittin appeared before a committee responsible for public accounts and was questioned alongside senior tax officials about the £130million that Google allegedly owes in back taxes.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.20.51Meg Hiller, chair of the Public Accounts Committee / PA

While the situation has been calmed by an agreement from Google to pay those taxes back, it seems those high up in the search engine’s rafters have no idea what sort of numbers their company juggles.

Brittin even went as far as declining a request to say how much he earns, saying: “I’ll happily disclose that if it’s a relevant matter for the committee”, however, after being poked around five times, he finally admitted that he “doesn’t have a figure.”

Matt seems to find the whole scenario quite amusing, which I suppose is understandable. If I was earning an amount that rendered the act of looking at my bank balance a useless exercise, I’d probably be a smug twat too…