This Grandma, Mum And Daughter Actually Believe They’d Pass As Sisters


Ever since Kaylan Mahomes tweeted that infamously confusing picture of her mother and sister, desperate people have been trying to claim they get mistaken for their offspring.

This Morning tried, and they failed. Horribly.

Now Gwen Slade, 65, Jemima Slade, 44, and Lily Slade, 16, have gone public with their ‘uncanny likeness’.

Jemima told The Sun:

We’re more like sisters, get mistaken for sisters and are proud we can share each other’s clothes.

Their claim is about as strong as this pair’s…

And absolutely nowhere close to matching the Mahomes.

The Internet has not exactly rallied to support the Slade’s claim either…

Aging is just a fact, and it is an inevitable one, so stop clutching at straws and grow old with a bit of dignity.

It’s not like the mum and grandma look bad for their age, but sisters? No chance.