This Guy Beat His Bullies By Becoming An International Fitness Model

Irish Mirror

A former bullying victim has proved his trolls wrong and now jets around the world on modelling shoots thanks to his enviable physique. 

Michael Sullivan from County Kerry in Ireland used to be bullied because of his weight – but one day he decided he’d had enough. Now the 23-year-old has his own business and a booming modelling career.


Michael goes to the gym twice every day and has told the Irish Mirror how it was his move to college that kick started his weight loss:

I had a 20 minute trek to college and every day by the time I got in I’d be soaked in sweat and it wasn’t like I’d done a run. I was going around in sweaty clothes for the rest of the day and I thought to myself, this has got to change. I was 19 when I started, and lost six and half stone in six months through poor nutrition and starving myself thinking that was how you got ripped. The weight dropped off me but I was left as a bag of bones, that wasn’t healthy either.

He decided to learn about proper nutrition and then dedicated himself totally to the gym lifestyle and has seen amazing results – putting on four stone of muscle and travelling the world with his modelling career.


Although Michael has left his saddest days behind him, he admits that it often gets him down to think about how people judge on appearances:

The world we live in today it doesn’t matter if you have the nicest personality in the world, you’re judged by people within the first three seconds of meeting them by the way you look. The saddest thing of all is that when you’re overweight and make a transformation, the people who didn’t want to know you before all want to be your friends.

Michael has dedicated himself one hundred per cent to his journey, losing friends along the way. He quit drinking as it interfered with his training and even missed out on his Christmas dinner last year.


He now helps other people achieve their weight loss goals through his Facebook page, Michael Sullivan Fat Boy Slim, with his number one piece of advice being:

Don’t think short term goals, think about the bigger picture, think of the reason you want to lose weight. Stay consistent and determined to succeed and you can do it.