This Guy Built An Underground Bunker Man Cave And It’s F*cking Sick


Colin Furze was asked what he would do if the world was going to end in 32 days. His answer was, build the most fucking awesome underground bunker you can imagine. 

He turned his back garden into a quarry, digging through three metres of solid rock, pouring a shit ton of concrete in and welding together tons of steel to create his epic safe-room.


It boasts survival features like a gas mask, water supply, food reserves, generator, back-up generator and of course weapons. Lots of weapons, including Wolverine claws and Assassin’s Creed hidden blades.

However, as we are not currently in an apocalyptic situation, he has set it up as a pure man-cave. It comes complete with ejector bed, massive flat screen TV, drumkit, sky box and a selection of game consoles dating back to the 90s.


The project was funded by Sky One’s You Me And The Apocalypse programme, so at least Murdoch is spending money on some worthwhile projects.