This Guy Drains A Crazy Amount Of Pus From A Spider Bite

by : UNILAD on : 05 Mar 2016 11:46

Warning: Graphic Content


Footage of a man draining a crazy amount of pus from a spider’s bite has gone viral online once more.

In the footage YouTuber Nick Hanson’s arm is clearly in an awful state.

Swollen, scabbed, and bright fucking red, with the prick of a needle and a good squeeze the pus gates are emphatically opened.


According to Nick’s description the horrific need to drain his arm came three to four days after he was bitten in Indiana, and apparently this footage did not even capture the worst of it.

He said:

I’m sorry to say, however, I did not record the next day’s second drainage I performed, which had hardened pus cores and much more pus and blood…Very painful considering I didn’t even know I had got bitten.

The footage was originally uploaded in 2011 and now has over 8.4 million views online.

It is just four minutes and 31 seconds of pure NOPE.

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Nick Hanson/YouTube
  1. Nick Hanson/YouTube

    My Spider Bite Extraction. OH MY GOODNESS!!!