This Guy Eating His Massive In-N-Out Meal Is Absolutely Loving Life

YouTube/The Chive

Burger joint In-N-Out has celebrity fans from Adele to Gordon Ramsay, but this guy could be their most enthusiastic fan ever.

This mobile phone footage  shows one man having a near orgasmic experience as he tucks into a huge meal of at least four burgers, fries and a large strawberry milkshake – as well as two more drinks, reports the Daily Mail.

Pouncing on the meal like it was his first in days, the hungry gent doesn’t seem in the least bit daunted by the size of the task ahead of him.

Picking up two burgers at once, he takes turns biting from one then the other and then, in an unbelievable twist, he picks up his milkshake but rather than take a sip, he pours it all over his burger.

YouTube/The Chive

Only then does he take a big gulp, but before he can even swallow – with milkshake streaming down his face – he takes another bite of food. Later he takes it even further, dunking his burger directly in the drink.

The video – which has been watched more than 1.3 million times – was filmed just before Valentine’s Day and as you can imagine has received hundreds of comments.

One YouTube user, Raychellm86, joked: “Ahh yes, this was me on Valentines Day.”

Jrey Troit claimed the unnamed diner may have had a heavy case of the munchies writing: “He is high as fuck! that food tastes like heaven to him.”

However, others criticised the people who had filmed the guy’s meal with one person commenting: 

Leave the guy alone, he’s just trying to enjoy his food. Guy if you’re reading this I apologise on behalf of this asshole.

And asshole if you’re reading this the least you can do is take it down.

In-N-Out had another solid dose of publicity when Adele revealed she would be paying a visit to cheer herself up after her Grammys performance was ruined by a technical glitch.

The star tweeted she was heading to In-N-Out to console herself:

She followed it up with this one:

I need to try this stuff!