This Guy Gets Drunk From Eating Potatoes Due To Rare Condition

NBC News

This man can really get p*ssed on the cheap as, because of a rare condition, he actually gets drunk when he eats potatoes!

35-year-old Nick Hess, from Columbus, Ohio, has auto-brewery syndrome which means that carbohydrates ferment into alcohol inside him.

Before his diagnosis, many people in his family were worried that he might be a secret alcoholic, and his concerned wife Karen even filmed his slurring and stumbling as proof, which he was unable to recall.


He said:

When she first accused me of being drunk, without drinking, I thought she was crazy. But friends and family thought, ‘Maybe he is over there, drinking by himself, a secret alcoholic’.

I looked into my eyes [in the footage] and could see I wasn’t there. It was terrifying, I couldn’t remember it.


Doctors eventually discovered Nick had the bizarre syndrome, plus yeast levels 400 per cent higher than normal. He now controls the condition with a carb-free diet and medication.

Nick’s story appears on BBC Two’s World’s Weirdest Events on Thursday.