This Guy Got Shocked With 13,000 Volts And Survived


This fella is lucky to be alive after he scaled an electricity pylon and started poking at the supply with a stick.

The incident took place in Barranquilla, Colombia, when Rioler Martinez tried to fix a problem with the stream of electricity to his home.

The DIY electrician proves why health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to by professionals for this type of work, as sparks fly and 13,000 volts pass through his body.


Witnesses can be heard screaming, and the person recording struggles to hold the camera straight as Martinez drops and hangs lifeless from the pole.

Miraculously he has survived, astounding medical staff who described the incident as “unexplainable” owing to the fact that any shock higher than 11,000 is believed to be fatal.

Speaking about his brush with death Martinez has said:

At some point I got the electric shock. But I don’t remember when. I had a stick on my hand and that touched the electricity supply. I’m never touching anything electrical again.”

Good plan man, good plan.