This Guy Has An Interesting Technique To Avoid Paying The DVLA Road Tax

by : UNILAD on : 08 Feb 2016 18:19

This guy was so annoyed to find the DVLA had clamped his car, he decided to take matters into his own hands by smashing up his red Toyota Yaris.


According to the Daily Mail, the man had not paid his road tax.


He announces to the camera as he walks to his car:

So I comes home today to find out the DVLA has went and put me a fucking nice big wheel clamp on the front of my motor.

They should have sent me a tax reminder at the end of the day. They want me to pay money to get this scrapheap out, let me show you what I do with scrapheaps.


The man passes the camera to a woman and proceeds to puncture his tyres with his keys, before ripping the driver’s seat to shreds as well.

He goes on to break the gear stick and handbrake before trying to break the steering wheel – unsuccessfully.


However, not put off from his rampage, he pulls off the windscreen wipers and number plate while muttering to himself:

You won’t get money off of me. What you think I’m stuck for a few quid?

Then, the man opens the bonnet, picks up a sledge hammer and attacks his engine before announcing: “All finished. That’s what you gotta do to the DVLA.”

The video was published by the Idiot UK Drivers Exposed and has now been viewed over 123,000 times.


Social media comments have pointed out that the man has actually fucked himself over:

Does he not realise, he’ll still have to pay the fine and back dated RFL…..??? Oh and the vehicle removal fee (even more so,as it now can’t be driven away!….nice use of two offensive weapons in public as well…

Another said:

Does this bloke not realise that they will take the car then still come after him for outstanding costs that have occurred as a result i.e. bailiffs charges etc? This bloke is not only a tax dodger but a prize cockwomble of the highest order!

Classic cockwomble.

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