This Guy Has Invented A Game Boy Which Doubles As A Guitar


If you’ve ever wanted to play Legend of Zelda while jamming to Smoke On The Water, this genius inventor has just given musician/gamers everywhere the chance.

We’ve seen DJs using Game Boys instead of decks, and guitarists incorporating gaming effects into their playing, but this guy has taken things to a whole new level.

Fibeff, an administrator for, has created the first ever ‘Guitar Boy’ – a guitar which doubles as a Nintendo Game Boy, because why the hell not?

The feat of engineering is pretty spectacular, with the classic A and B buttons to control the console also doubling as volume and tone dials for the musical instrument.

You can even feed the Game Boy’s sound through the amp – in the video, Fibeff runs Super Mario Bros. through an amp and pedal and it’s pretty bloody spectacular.

Check it out.

Frankly, if this piece of kit isn’t used to crack out this classic tune then it’s has all been for nothing.