This Guy Headbutted A Curb And The Result Is So, So Grim


Honestly, working for UNILAD for the past few months, I’ve made my way through enough vile and horrific videos to last a lifetime, but this – this is a first.

This is Craig Mackenzie, and unfortunately, Craig fell over and headbutted the curb.

Now you might be thinking – that’s not that bad, we’ve all had some bad falls, but please, please wait until you’ve watched the video. My stomach churned.

Warning: This video will ruin your day:

I’ve seen plenty of people with serious injuries but I believe this is the first time I’ve ever seen somebody move such a large piece of flesh away from their forehead that their white skull is clearly visible.

After watching it for at least half a dozen times I am plagued with questions. The main one being – why the fuck is Craig pulling his skin away like that, that cannot be good. Pull yourself together man, not apart…

Good luck eating your dinner after that…