This Guy Is Eating A Picture Of Jason Segel Every Day

YouTube/Dog Shit

What would you do to get Jason Segel’s attention?

Send him a year’s worth of fan mail? Leave him creepy DM’s? Stalk him?

If those don’t work for you, one guy thinks he’s found the answer: Eat a picture of him and then post footage of the feat on YouTube.

Yes, someone has actually done this, and that YouTube user is named Dog Shit.

Dog Shit has promised to eat one picture of Jason Segel every day until Segel returns the favour and eats a picture of him.

There’s not much in the way of explanation besides a message saying ‘I will not stop’ and the hashtag #eatmyfacesegel.

He would also like the actor to eat this particular picture of him.

Can you get ink poisoning from this?

Perhaps this guy’s comment to the video sums it all up: “My girlfriend is a doctor and she said to not do this anymore.”

Another guy also suggested printing the picture on cake instead of paper, which isn’t a bad idea.

We’re waiting, Jason Segel.