This Guy Just Beat Dark Souls 3 Using Only His Feet


Dark Souls 3 is a hard game as it is, so of course gamers are always doing what they can to make it even harder for themselves.

We’ve had people play the game with Rock Band controllers, Donkey Kong bongos, and even players who have blasted through the game with outrageous times.

So of course, it was only a matter of time until someone came along and beat Dark Souls with nothing but their own two feet.

YouTube user Celesterian Games is the beast behind this feat of feet, and he made sure to dedicate a good chunk of the screen to his feet in action, just so we can see that it’s all legit and above board (though I’m not sure why you’d make something like this up).

Considering the PlayStation 4 controller isn’t exactly light on buttons, and that Dark Souls require some rapid reflexes and serious skills, I’m gonna come out and say it: His feet are clearly possessed by the devil – it’s the only explanation.

However he managed it (and I stand by satanic ritual), it’s clear he now has a real leg up over the competition.

You can watch a playlist of his exploits here, but if you just wanna skip straight to the end and see him take on the final bosses, you can check that out below.

I’m just gonna try and move past the fact that this guy is better at Dark Souls with his feet than I am with my hands. It may take some time.