This Guy Quit Crystal Meth And His Transformation In One Year Is Incredible

by : UNILAD on : 29 Dec 2015 12:04
Ryan Harder

This man claimed he quit smoking meth just 12 months ago and now he has shared his amazing transformation.


It’s fair to say he already looks 100 per cent better…

Ryan Harder

Ryan Harder shared before and after photographs on Reddit, with images of him during his addiction and once he’d kicked the habit.

The difference is quite staggering, his dark sunken eyes and unhealthy skin are pretty much gone.


It’s not just his appearance that has improved since quitting either. He seems to be enjoying life so much more and sharing his incredible story as user Minnesotapolis said: “One of the greatest things about being clean is that I got to be sober to see my sister have her baby girl”.

During the grip of his drug use, Ryan racked up five arrests and two convictions.

He described how at the beginning of his usage that he didn’t believe he relied on the drug and had ‘a special or unique self-control’ unlike other addicts. But he then warned on the thread that it didn’t take long until he himself was addicted.

Writing about the feeling of being high, he said that ‘IV meth use is the most beautiful and the worst thing I’ve ever encountered’.

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The lad has a lot of support on Reddit, with many congratulating him on reaching this milestone. One wrote: “The difference is astonishing. You look great. I would hate to see you go back to the old you. Do it for all of us that are rooting for you.”

The snaps have almost had 400,000 views on image sharing website Imgur, in just a few hours.


This really does offer a unique insight into what shocking harm this drug can do…

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