This Guy Spent 4.5 Years Building A Stunning Minecraft Kingdom


Four and half years is a hell of a long time to spend on anything, but that’s exactly the amount of time Dancsa222 put into building his incredible Minecraft kingdom. 

Dancsa calls his map the Kingdom of Galekin. Currently, it consists of three separate cities: a port, a wild mountain range, and a set of great plains- all painstakingly built by hand (or mouse).

Take a look at some of the locations, starting with one that I definitely thought read ‘THE TEMPLE OF AIDS’ the first time I saw it.


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I mean seriously, check out the five minute tour of Galekin in the video below, and be amazed by the sheer scale of the world.

The most impressive thing I ever did in Minecraft was build a moat. It wasn’t even a big moat. Fuck, Dancsa, why do you have to make me feel so inadequate?

You can download and explore the map from Planet Minecraft, and I strongly recommend you do – it’s such a genuinely cool world, and quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen in Minecraft before.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna load up my old save and build a bigger moat than ever before. That’ll show you. That’ll show all of you.