This Guy Strapped 54 Drones Together To Make A Personal Helicopter


What do you get when you strap 54 mini-drones together? A fucking awesome personal helicopter, that’s what.

The idea of having a drone has really taken off this year and with good reason, they’re huge amounts of fun. One hero decided that a single drone wasn’t enough for his droning needs though, and bundled a whole load of them together with some hobby electronics and an umbrella to create ‘The Swarm’. While the contraption isn’t technically a drone any more – a drone needs to be unmanned – it’s still incredibly cool.

Uploaded to YouTube by user gasturbine101, the innovative design can carry a max weight of 148kg and has a flight time of around 10 minutes.

It looks unstable as shit, but the Wright Brothers didn’t nail the aeroplane on their first go, so there’s some hope yet. With drones getting cheaper and smaller all the time, this could be the future of personal travel. Best not sell the car just yet though.