This Guy Takes Road Rage To New Levels By Pulling A Gun On Biker

by : UNILAD on : 03 Feb 2016 19:13

America likes to do everything bigger. In Britain, we have road rage drivers like Ronnie Pickering, but in the U.S. they have this gun toting moron.


After a group of bikers enraged some guys in a pickup truck, the driver continuously skirted them on the road, telling them to pull over before eventually flipping them the bird.

Once they reach a set of traffic lights, the biker with a camera on his helmet approached the car, and boy does he regret that decision.

After the window is rolled down, the motorist frantically reaches for his gun and begins waving it in the biker’s face.

Check it out:



Speaking to Fox 5, the biker said:

Honestly, I didn’t think that I’d get a gun put in my face for going up to the guy’s window.

I didn’t even realize the guy had his finger on the trigger until I went back and reviewed the video myself. My heart was just racing, my stomach turned, and I was feeling sick. It was definitely scary.

I didn’t really think it was gonna escalate to what it did, and that’s literally the first time I’ve gone up to somebody’s window in traffic like that, and it will be the last.

Probably a good shout.

The incident was reported to police but no one has since been charged as the driver claims to have a permit for the firearm.


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