This Guy Torched His Ferrari So Daddy Would Buy Him A New One

by : UNILAD on : 10 Aug 2015 14:08

Burnt carBurnt car

This idiot burnt out his car so his daddy would buy him a new one.


Despite already owning 15 cars, at the ripe old age of 20, he decided he wasn’t too keen on his Ferrari 458 Italia, but was too scared to ask his dad for a new car. So he decided to torch it.

Well, obviously he didn’t do it himself, he paid someone else to do the dirty work for him. He gave three accomplices $15,000 each to steal the car, drive it across the German border into Switzerland and burn it out.

burnt car 2burnt car 2

While this was going on he spent the time in a massage parlour, presumably waiting to hear back from his friends to confirm that the plan had a happy ending.


Unfortunately for him the incident was caught on security cameras, and police eventually connected it back to him. He claimed in court that his money had run dry, despite receiving a $10,000 monthly allowance and owning a collection of supercars.

Apparently he “was not brave enough to tell his father he did not like the Ferrari”.

car 2car 2


I think he’ll struggle to find any sympathy whatsoever, the spoiled little bellend.

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    Swiss Douche Torched His Ferrari So That Daddy Would Buy Him A New One