This Guy’s Crowdfunding To Make ‘Fast And Furious’ Sequel Featuring Hitler

01be05b63c3e08ebec17dfdc9d143579Jordan VanDina

The Fast and the Furious franchise has been chugging along quite nicely now for a couple of years, but as production begins on the eight instalment of the beloved series one fan thinks that the next film should head in a more… bizarre direction.

Acording to Yahoo Movies, a crowd-funding drive has been set up by movie fan, Jordan VanDina, to make the ninth film, Fast Nein: The Fast and the Führer.

The film would see Vin Diesel’s Dom and the whole family travel back in time to race Hitler. Yes, seriously.


VanDina isn’t some fair weather fan with a dream though, he’s put real work into the project posting a whole 71-page script for the movie, and dare I say it’s a beautiful car crash of a story.

Not content with just mashing the Fast and Furious franchise and Nazi’s together, VanDina has The Expendables turn up to help Dom in the final race against the ‘Fuhrerious’ Hitler.

Disney however may object to the films after credits sting, where Nick Fury arrives and recruits the team for The Avengers to battle against an Ultron, Donald Trump combination.

ultron trump

After reading the script I can only think that the reason this film hasn’t been made is because it would bankrupt nations with the amount of money it would make.

But despite the incredible effort that’s gone in to the script, VanDina doesn’t actually want any money.

He writes:

This campaign has no affiliation with Universal or anyone involved in the Fast & Furious franchise. I also have no power or authority to make this movie. Please don’t donate to this but feel free to read the script.


With a huge target of $100 million (you’d need that amount just to pay the legal fees) it seems unlikely he’ll reach the sum in two months, but $185 has been pledged so far, so there’s a small appetite for a Nazi-based car movies.

To pledge your support, to the greatest movie never made click here.

Meanwhile the normal, and frankly dull sounding now, ‘Fast & Furious 8′, is due out in 2017.