This Guy’s Girlfriend Looks So Young Everyone Thinks He’s A Paedophile


Dating is tough. But no matter your situation spare a thought for Shakey Finks who’s being called a paedophile because his girlfriend looks so young.

Shakey Finks and Jessica Stevens from Plymouth, Devon, have been dating for a year and a half – but it’s not been easy.

Despite the fact that Jessica is 32-years-old the police have told Shakey to carry a photocopy of her driving licence to prove her age, reports The Mirror.


Shakey says the couple face threats and abuse because Jessica looks younger than her 32 years.

Most troubling he believes his photo has even been sent around local schools. Which is quite a reaction.


Jessica looks young and is quite petite so the pair can look controversial when about town to strangers who don’t know their ages.

Shakey said of the awkward situation:

I’ve been to the police about it. I’ve had a complete background check done. I don’t have a criminal background, I haven’t been arrested or charged with anything in my life.

I go into town and mothers grab their children close.

Apparently the pair now avoid seeing each other in public because of the abuse and they spend increasing amounts of time staying indoors to avoid all the stares.

Sounds like a pretty brutal way to live because of a relationship.