This Guy’s Girlfriend Sent Him To Buy Make-Up, It Didn’t Go Well

make up guy FBImgur/Blufiz/Flickr

One girl found out the hard way exactly why you shouldn’t send your boyfriend to the shops to buy make-up on your behalf.

You see, it turns out that guys don’t really understand all the intricacies of foundation and eyeliner. It’s a completely alien world to most of us.

User Blufiz shared the story of his epic journey to purchase cosmetics, posting the text message conversation with his other half on Imgur.

And it’s abundantly clear that this poor guy had absolutely no idea what he was doing. He sure does draw a great picture of Dick Butt using lipstick though…

His girlfriend quickly realised her mistake but it was too late, and this guy was determined to plow ahead and give this task a good old go.

Check it out:

make up guy 1Imgur/Blufiz
make up guy 2Imgur/Blufiz
make up guy 3Imgur/Blufiz
make up guy 4Imgur/Blufiz
make up guy 6Imgur/Blufiz
make up guy 7Imgur/Blufiz
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Yeah, just go yourself next time, I reckon…