Guy’s Reaction To Woman’s Job On First Dates Has P*ssed People Off

Channel 4

Here’s a bit of advice for you – when you find yourself on a first date with a dominatrix, don’t do what John did.

Who’s John? I hear you ask… John is a 67-year-old chartered surveyor who appeared on the latest episode of Channel 4’s First Dates.

His date was Sherry, a dominatrix from Swindon, who was completely open about her profession when asked and made a point of telling John she keeps her alter-ego Mistress Sophia, completely separate.

You can check out the – awkward – conversation here:

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As she tried to talk to John about her job, he reacted like a schoolboy, giggling away while she tried to hold down a conversation.

Sherry couldn’t get her point across without being interrupted so excused herself from the table of awkwardness to the bathrooms.

Cue some of the highest level of arrogance you may see on TV.

Channel 4

John announced to the waiter:

Man, she’s a dominatrix. I think she’s good to go baby

Meanwhile, Sherry on the phone branded him ‘arrogant’ and ‘disrespectful’.

John continued talking, telling the waiter Sherry was ‘totally besotted’ with him – and was so confident about it all, he started talking about the prospect of a second date (you ain’t getting one, John) and said Sherry could take him to her cellar and tie him up.

But it wasn’t only Sherry who was left completely unimpressed with John’s ‘childish’ and ‘arrogant’ behaviour, viewers were not happy…

Way to go, John…