This Guy’s Romantic Gesture Brightened Up Strangers’ Valentine’s Days

YouTube/Rambo Vlogs

Nobody likes being alone on Valentine’s Day and one generous guy decided to show the love to people around London, handing out free roses around the city to brighten up people’s day.

You might remember Nubaid Haroon, aka. Rambo Vlogs, from his previous videos of giving out free hugs in the UK capital as a British Muslim, and handing out free gifts to the homeless over Christmas.

Now, he’s back with more feelgood content, spreading some Valentine’s Day cheer among the hustle and bustle of London.

The short vid shows Nubaid getting prepped for a romantic day on the town, before hitting up the UK capital and handing out roses to unsuspecting passers-by – the majority of whom seem thoroughly chuffed with the nice gesture.

Given how unfriendly London can be at times, it’s really nice to see people coming together and showing the love on the most romantic day of the year.

Speaking to UNILAD, Nubaid explained that he just wanted to make people feel special:

I moved to London three months ago. I’ve been single before and I know what it’s like being single on Valentine’s Day and I don’t feel like anyone should feel left out. So I wanted to try make as many people feel special as possible by giving them roses!

The response was amazing, I had some full on long chats with most of the people I gave a rose to, some were absolutely thrilled and others just wanted to know why I was being so cute (ha)! It was incredibly heart-warming to get the responses and actually makes you feel kinda ‘fuzzy inside’ and I think I’ll be doing it again next Valentine’s!

YouTube/Rambo Vlogs

What a lovely gesture.

Still, quite what the thinking behind Nubaid spraying his hair white was, we’re not quite sure.