This Harry Potter Fan Theory Reveals Something Big You Probably Missed



A Harry Potter fan has come up with a theory which would make one more of the bumbling seer, Professor Trelawney’s prophecies correct.

The theory hinges on a moment in the Prisoner of Azkaban book (not the movie) where Trelawney refuses to sit with 12 others at Christmas dinner, because it’s a bad omen.


The goggle eyed teacher warns, ‘when 13 people dine together, the first to rise will die’. However the fan speculates that Ron may have had Scabbers, better known as Peter Pettigrew, in his pocket, meaning that there was in fact 13 people already sitting at the table.

And since Dumbledore stood up to draw out a chair, that doomed him to die.


It’s an interesting theory with only one problem, there’s actually no mention in the book that Ron had Scabbers with him at that moment. However, he did have the rat in his pocket at other key times that year, so we’ll give it a pass.

This isn’t the only time this happens in the books, either In Order of the Phoenix, Sirius is the first to stand up from a table of 13 and we all know how that ended, meanwhile after Alastor Moody’s death, Lupin is the first to stand up in the Weasley’s living room where 13 people are sitting, the wounds are still fresh. 


Let’s be honest tough it doesn’t take a legilimens to realise that thirteen an unlucky number…