This Harry Potter Parody Shows How Much Worse Life Could Have Been For The Boy Wizard


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Unless you’ve been living in his cupboard under the stairs, everyone knows the story of the boy who lived, Harry Potter, and how much he struggled in his quest to overcome Lord Voldermort and the death of his parents.

From being orphaned as a baby to having to endure the suspicious looks and gossip from the wizarding world, not to mention having to navigate being a teenager at the same time as trying to save the world, life wasn’t easy for Harry.

However, despite all that, this new parody shows how much worse things could have actually been for J.K.Rowling’s hero, and it seems as though Dumbledore is just stood around letting it all happen.

The parody was done by the Fine Brothers, who are of course the kings of parodies, and it’s not their first time at the rodeo when it comes to Harry Potter’s story, with their ‘Watch seven Harry Potter’s in seven minutes’ the stuff of absolute gold.