This Head Lice Infestation Is One Of The Worst Things You’ll Ever See

by : Francesca Donovan on : 11 Oct 2016 08:21

Disclaimer: This video will make you wants to itch your head until your scalp bleeds.


A young girl looks to have what must be the worst infestation of head lice ever caught on camera.

Unlucky for us, the video has gone viral and we now get to share in her discomfort.


The minute-long clip was posted to LiveLeak just a few days ago and has since gone viral, for reasons I can’t quite comprehend considering this is such disgusting viewing.


The girl’s infestation was only found when she went to a hair salon in Mexico and they stylist was confronted with thousands of tiny lice crawling over her scalp and even more unhatched eggs, reports the Mirror.


Frankly, I’m embarrassed to go the hair dressers with unwashed hair, let alone an infestation of lice that can spread to other people.

Lice are generally harmless, but the uncomfortable itching synonymous with an infestation is caused by lice biting on the scalp to feed on human blood. Severe cases of infestation can cause bacterial impetigo.

You do wonder why the girl’s parents hadn’t noticed the swarm of tiny bugs taking over their child’s head and left the discovery to a perfect stranger.

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