This Hero Airport Worker Pulled People To Safety Following Brussels Blasts

Ketevan Kardava/PA

On what has been a dark day for the city of Brussels, one story has emerged that demonstrates the strength of human spirit.

A man who was working at the airport disregarded concerns for his own safety so that he could help others.

According to the BBC’s Gavin Lee, Alphonse Youla was working near the check in desks wrapping baggage when he heard the bomb blasts.

Rather than head for the nearest exit Alphonse started attending to the wounded, carrying seven people out of harm’s way.

Alphonse told the Wall Street Journal:

I saw people lying on the ground with a lot of blood who weren’t moving anymore.

Alphonse then added that he carried people to elevators to get them away from the scene.

He has since been hailed on social media.

As reported by Mashable Alphonse is not the only man to make a difference today. It was reported that numerous residents have been offering shelter to anyone affected.

It is precisely this kind of solidarity and compassion that is required for humanity to prevail over terror.