This Hero Has Spectacularly Recreated The Teletubbies Intro In GTA V


Usually when you’re playing GTA V, 90’s kids TV sensation Teletubbies wouldn’t be the first thing that springs to mind. Until now, that is.

Not content with his awesome Fresh Prince of Belair/ GTA remake, YouTuber Merfish has done the world a service by mashing up GTA with the Teletubbies intro, because why not. Surprisingly, the two fit together pretty well.

The video shows Trevor as Tinky-Winky, Franklin as Dipsy, Lemar as Laa-Laa (or Lemar-Laa) and Michael as Po running around the hills of Los Santos. You can even check the two versions side-by-side in the second video, to see how good a job Merfish has done.

If you need some nightmare fuel, check out more of Merfish’s creations here.