This High School Lad Got Herpes From Somewhere Pretty Unusual

by : UNILAD on : 05 Mar 2016 12:29

An American teen has had to place his wrestling career on hold after contracting herpes on his face, allegedly from floor mats in San Jose, California.


Blake Flovin cannot compete while exhibiting the highly contagious sores on his face, and has moved to convince tournament organisers to postpone the upcoming state championship in order to protect others.

That request has been rejected with officials arguing their hygiene protocols will prevent further infection.


According to the San Jose Mercury News the California Interscholastic Federation say there is no cause for concern.


Executive Director, Roger Blake, said:

We are confident that our practices, along with an exhaustive medical review of this particular situation, ensure that there is no justification for concern about the spread of a contagious disease at the event.

Blake will now carry the ‘herpes gladiatorum’, AKA ‘mat herpes’, virus for life with the risk of it flaring up intermittently.

He told CBS:

It’s heartbreaking you know. It is really unnecessary for anyone else to get this.

Here’s hoping the lesions settle for the poor lad and he may continue with his career once they’re under control.

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