This Horrific Incident Proves Racism Still Exists In UK Universities

by : UNILAD on : 06 Apr 2016 15:33

Warwick University is launching an investigation after racist slurs were written on a bunch of bananas in student accommodation.


Faramade Ifaturoti, 19, believed to be a student at the university, tweeted an image of the fruit and wrote: “Just entered the kitchen and look at what one of my flatmates has [allegedly] done. I am extremely disgusted.”

The two racist terms ‘monkey’ and  ‘n***a’ can clearly be seen written in black marker and the tweet quickly gathered attention and has now been retweeted over 3,000 times, reports The Independent.


The university responded to the tweet just over an hour later, saying:


We’re really sorry you’ve had to experience this. It is completely unacceptable. Please DM us your email and we will escalate.

However, Ms Ifaturoti replied: 

I’m highly disappointed that it took a Twitter escalation in order for you to respond.

Jere Agbaje, a friend of Ms Ifaturoti, said the student had her shopping delivered to her on Monday night at around 10pm.

warwick1warwick1Warwick University

Today, when she came into the kitchen, to her horror, those shocking racial slurs and dehumanising remarks were branded on her bananas.


While Ms Ifaturoti blamed her flatmates, it is not currently known who is responsible.

If you are disgusted by the events that have occurred, sign this petition, we will not be silenced!…

Posted by Warwick Anti-Racism Society on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A university spokesperson told The Independent: 

We are aware that a racist incident has been widely reported on social media. The university is investigating this as a matter of urgency.

The students’ union president has branded the incident ‘disgusting’adding:

Warwick SU has a zero-tolerance policy on racist behaviour. We unequivocally condemn this shocking and disgusting act.

We have reached out to the student affected by this episode and have contacted the university to offer further support.

Since the incident was reported, a solidarity campaign entitled #WeStandWithFara has begun to trend online.


We hope the people responsible for the incident are dealt with appropriately – there is absolutely no place for this at any level of society.

It’s all the more shocking that it took place in a university.

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