This ‘Illuminati Confirmed’ Celebrity Doppelganger Theory Is Nuts

illuminati celebsGetty

The Internet has decided these celebrities are members of an Illuminati tribe trying to bring about a New World Order.

In the latest Illuminati conspiracy theory, a woman with a lot of time on her hands and an over-active imagination has explained why these celebrities look so similar, and obviously it’s all to do with the Illuminati.

…Which seems like an incredibly productive use of time.

To be fair to the theorist, some of these people do look incredibly similar.

I’m certainly never going to look at Scarlett Johansson or Christopher Walken in the same way again.

Luckily, it became apparent pretty soon after she posted a comparison between The Rock and Dwanye Johnson – who are the same person, in case you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade – that the whole stunt had been a joke…

We think.

The Illuminati is a secretive group of powerful individuals who are trying to bring about a New World Order and many conspiracy theorists believe they have infiltrated Hollywood to do so.


But frankly, if they were going to use celebrities to do their bidding, we’d have thought they’d pick people with a little more sway than reality TV ‘star’ Kyle Richards and a little more talent than Taylor Lautner.

God forbid the doppelgangers could be explained by something so simple as coincidence or human biology.