This Incredible Downhill Skate Run Is Weirdly Therapeutic



Downhill skateboarding looks like it’s both fun and relaxing. Although, I know if tried doing this I’d spend most of my time picking bits of my chin and knees up off the tarmac.

These guys make it look so therapeutic!

Norwegian skateboarders and nutcases, Lars Mikelson and Jørund Bratset filmed this ridiculous run down a mountain in their home country, known as the Trollstigen Run… The Troll’s Path.

There’s a couple of things to take in when you watch this video. Firstly, just how good these guys are on their boards. To travel so smoothly, tackling hairpin bends with such control at such high speeds without flying over the edge can’t be easy. Also, the scenery is incredible. It looks amazing.

It’s a near-perfect run too. When watching the video, if you notice the cut, don’t worry, they didn’t plough into a car or anything, the amera cut out on one of the hairpins, that’s all.