Dog Survives Incredible Attack By Mountain Lion


Warning: Distressing Content

Dramatic footage of a Mountain Lion attacking a Doberman has gone viral.

The horrifying battle is reported to have taken place in Tujunga, California, last year but recently reemerged online.

Check it out:

The big cat can be seen on the CCTV images stalking into a garden where the Doberman is helpless to get away due to a chain.

The lion strikes and appears to lock its mighty jaws into the canine’s neck in a bid to suffocate it.

As hope seems lost for the family pet the predatory cat attempts to drag it away, suddenly releasing its grip and leaping off the scene.

Miraculously the dog staggers to its feet before cautiously surveying the area.

The Daily Mirror reports that the dog survived, requiring 60 stitches for its wounds.

It is a stark warning for pet owners in regions populated by predators to ensure their animals have safe shelter.