This Incredible Underwater Hotel Has Received Patent Approval

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

In a move that could dramatically change the term to ‘sleep with the fishes’, a luxury underwater hotel has received patent approval in the US.

The Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is now set to be constructed in Key West, Florida, before then being transported for testing in Cuba.

The design that has been patented would see rooms of 18ft by 12ft, featuring a king size bed, fridge, bathroom, and entertainment space, made available for stays 28ft below the ocean surface.

But the rooms, technically known as vessels due to their mobile design, will cost an estimated $3 million each (roughly £1.9 million) to build.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

The concept is being backed by Tony Webb, who is also sponsoring the Synergy Moon Project , who believes the hotel will make underwater activities vastly more accessible.

Speaking to Fox he said:

Imagine you are in 150 feet of excellent visibility water, now what do you want to do? You can scuba, hookah and snorkel and most importantly enjoy the underwater view with your significant other.”

Unlike previous underwater tourist locations, elevator transport down to the submerged rooms means it would not be necessary to already have diving qualifications or equipment.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

So what would the cost of a stay be? Well at between $3,000 to $6,000 (about £1900 to £3900) it will still definitely be a luxury hotel, although you can win a free stay when the hote opens by registering interest on the Planet Ocean site.

Incredible potential, let’s just hope it doesn’t go all Deep Blue Sea.