This Is Exactly What You Don’t Want To Happen At An Amusement Park

by : UNILAD on : 11 Jul 2015 17:24

Imagine the very worst thing that could happen to you at a theme park.


For me, it would be the safety measures on a ride faltering – or worse still, a rope snapping, which is exactly what happened to a couple of kids while their horrified parent looked on.

Thirteen year old Trevor Larson of Tracy, Minnesota, and a family friend were on the catapult ride at Mount Olympus theme park, and Trevor’s dad made a joke, telling them that the ropes seemed to be looking a ‘little frayed’

The guy was teasing his family and probably thought he was being funny, but after seeing what happened next, he might have been a little bit shocked himself.

ride gif1ride gif1


Alarmingly, while the ride passed safety checks in 2013, it was pulled up for failing to show documentation showing the ropes had been inspected by another party.

The theme park released a statement and claimed:

After further review, Mt. Oympus has required Casco Inc., the owner and operator of the Catapult ride, to permanently cease operation of the ride and remove the ride from Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park.

Removing the ride is probably a good idea, because let’s be honest, who would risk going on it after that?

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