This Is How Different Until Dawn Looked On PS3


You might be aware that the excellent PS4 exclusive horror title Until Dawn had a pretty rocky road to release, and new prototype footage shows us just how different the game could have been. 

Until Dawn started life as a PlayStation 3 title that would’ve used the Move controllers and taken place entirely in first-person. None of the famous actors were attached, and the alternative plot routes didn’t exist.

The unlucky crew of teenagers still meet up at a ski lodge in the woods for a weekend of murder in the snow, but the game looks significantly less impressive.

Obviously this is fair enough as it’s running on an inferior console, but the live-action sequences that are woven in to help flesh out the story provide a distinct disconnect with the rest of the game.

Check out the early footage below, with the shift to first-person and seeing the Move wand used to control the torch and explore being the biggest differences to the overall product.

Thankfully, Until Dawn turned out to be one of the most refreshing titles available on PlayStation 4, and a masterclass in generating tense thrills while telling a truly gripping story.

Sorry to say it, but Until Dawn PS3 will not be missed.