This Is How Inmates Make Tattoo Guns In Prison


We wouldn’t recommend trying this at home:

Tattoo Gun Hack

How to make your mark on the inside.

Posted by 60 Days In on A&E on Friday, August 19, 2016

From trashy tramp stamps to inspirational quotes, tattoos have gone mainstream in pretty much all corners of the world over the last decade.

But not many tattoos – at least those in the era of drunken holiday tattoos – carry the weight and symbolic power as those of ex-convicts branded in prison.

From gang affiliations to teardrop kills counts and hard-time tallies, inmate tattoos carry respect in prison – and it seems like every prisoner has one.

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So how do they get them done? It’s pretty obvious prisons don’t have an in-house tattoo parlor, so inmates are forced to make their own. And thanks to TV channel A&E, we now know exactly how they do it.

Released to promote the network’s new docu-series, 60 Days In, where seven undercover innocent participants enter prison in an effort to expose what really happens behind bars, the video shows the exact steps prisoners take to create their own tattoo guns.

It probably wasn’t the smartest idea considering we all now know how to make a dodgy and probably unsafe tattoo gun, but it’s still interesting to watch.


Apparently all you have to do is get a Walkman, some paperclips, a few rubber bands, and a pen. Put them all together and you’ll have yourself a fully functional tattoo gun.

It all seems easy enough, but it probably takes lots of practice. And we definitely don’t recommend trying to give yourself a tat at home – if you want a tattoo, get it done professionally.