This Is How Much Kim Kardashian Is Spending On New Security

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Kim Kardashian is a wealthy woman, but after recent threats to her safety she’s been forced to fork out for supercharged security.

Since Kardashian was tied up, held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris early on Monday, her family has increased their security to ensure her safety and ease the shaken reality TV personality’s fears.

Upon the family’s return to their New York home, Kim has been surrounded by up to 30 hired security guards at all times.

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And the price of this round-the-clock surveillance? It costs between $70 to $150 (£55 to £118) to hire one security guard for just an hour, depending on the client and circumstances.

A security expert told E! Online, ‘Kim is a very, very public figure. Also, there’s now an added threat level. I would say she’d be charged around $150 an hour per security guard.’

That adds up to $100,000 every day.

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Although Kim has said she doesn’t blame her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, Parisian police apparently believe the masked robbery was an inside job.

But questions have been raised around security protocols that were left wanting, after Kim was assaulted by Vitalii Sediuk and held hostage at gunpoint in the raid on the luxury Parisian apartment, all in the space of a week.

Whatever you think of her, it’s scary to think Kardashian has become a walking target for violent crime. In this messed up world, I guess this is the price you pay for stratospheric fame.