This Is How People Are Transformed Into White Walkers In Game Of Thrones

scott ian FBYouTube/Nerdist

One of the coolest parts of Game of Thrones is the White Walkers but it turns out it takes a hell of a long time to make the characters look as awesome as they do.

And a new video from Nerdist shows just how much effort goes into bringing the supernatural creatures to the screen.

Anthrax axe-man and all around badass Scott Ian is currently hosting a ‘Bloodworks’ series on makeup and special effects, so it was probably only a matter of time until he got involved with the Game of Thrones team.

In the video, Ian chats to GoT prosthetic makeup designer Barrie Gower to discuss the creation of White Walker ruler, the Night King.

The bearded guitar hero then undergoes a freaky prosthetic transformation of his own to become the first ever American White Walker and prove that it’s not all CGI effects that bring these characters to life.

The video is fascinating and even includes some interesting discussion about Game of Thrones lore. Definitely a must watch if you need your Westeros fix before tonight’s new episode!