This Is The Best Fan-Made Lightsaber You Will Ever See

Star Wars

If like me you had a retractable plastic lightsaber as a child, be warned, this guy just revolutionised the game.

Posting to the YouTube channel Graflex Saber, a man by the name of Martin Beyer has revealed the most incredible fan-made saber ever.

Martin even puts on record that the awesome replica of Luke Skywalker’s blue saber was created by hand.


He says:

Both chassis are completely self-constructed and hand crafted.

It’s still a prototype.

If you want to build one of your own, there aren’t any instructions, but a handy list of components is included in the video’s description.

They are…

The crystal is a real blue Aqua Aura Quartz (removable).
Soundboard: CF 7,5 (by plecter labs)
Batteries: 2x 3,7V 14650 (1,1 A)
Vintage Graflex Flash Gun
2W speaker
Main LED: triple cree (blue,green,white)

But before you go recklessly trying to throw that lot together you may want to sit tight.

According to Graflex Saber’s Facebook page, complete sabers may be available for purchase in the near future.

Take my money, that thing is awesome.