This Is The Devastation That The Turkish Military Coup Left Behind


WARNING: Distressing images

At Least 90 Killed in Attempted Military Coup in TurkeyGetty

Almost 24 hours on from an attempted coup by the Turkish military to try and overthrow the president, the dust is beginning to settle on a day of horrific bloodshed.

The cities of Ankara and Istanbul have turned into war zones, after President Tayyip Erdogan urged his citizens to take to the streets and fight the uprising, while he was hundreds of miles away from the violence in the holiday resort of Marmaris.

At least 181 people died during the clashes, The Mirror reports, with over 1,100 injured and more than 2,800 military personnel having since been arrested by Turkish authorities.

However, these numbers don’t tell the whole story. The sheer devastation left behind after this coup goes further than that, leaving a country fractured and in civil unrest.

Some of the graphic images and videos emerging online of the atrocities committed over a turbulent few hours, could have a real lasting effect on an already fractious relationship between the army and its citizens.

At Least 90 Killed in Attempted Military Coup in TurkeyGetty

Footage has shown a tank rolling over a taxi with people still inside, helicopters firing at civilians, and soldiers storming news studios around the country.

But by far the most disturbing is that of a soldier’s public beheading by an angry mob, with many of the images online simply too graphic to publish.

It is being reported that the soldier had surrendered, but was believed to be attacked by pro-government supporters on the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul.

A Turkish parliament building has been pretty much destroyed following the attack, with the government offices in Ankara heavily targeted during the attempted coup.

At Least 90 Killed in Attempted Military Coup in TurkeyGetty

Debris is lying on the floor everywhere, with bullet holes peppering the walls from the ongoing battles between the military and government supporters.

And this unrest hasn’t just affected major Turkish cities. This image was reportedly taken in Sirnak, eastern Turkey, where a hundred soldiers were stripped to their underwear, tied up, and forced to lie on the floor of a basketball court.

Although President Erdogan is claiming that the coup is finally over, don’t be surprised if this isn’t the end of the unrest in Turkey and merely the beginning.