This Is The Ethnic Group Least Likely To Go To University

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White British students have been revealed as the ethnic group least likely to advance to university in the UK.

A study, compiled by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, suggests that just 32.6 per cent of white Brits head to uni after completing their secondary education, that is just less than one in three. Black Caribbean pupils have the next lowest rate, with 37.4 per cent.

The highest rate of participation comes from Chinese students, with 75.7 per cent aiming to undertake a degree, and Indian pupils are next in line with 67.4 per cent.

One of the report authors, Dr Claire Crawford, has expressed surprise that groups that have recorded lower examination results are, on average, much more likely to seek higher education.

She said:

This highlights that prior attainment is not one of the key drivers of the differences in university participation between these groups.”

Before anyone gets up in arms, and creates poorly researched memes for Britain First, the reason is not that white Brits are being denied the opportunity by other groups.

It is believed to be as a result of poor experience within school, leaving many white Brits apathetic at the prospect of paying fees to continue learning. This has been echoed by figures showing that even in the most affluent group of students, just 54.8 per cent of white British pupils opt for going to uni.

Ethnic minority families, on the other hand, see further education as an opportunity to increase their standard of living, actively encouraging children to head to university.

Professor Alan Smithers, director of Centre for Employment and Education Research at Buckingham University said:

Ethnic minorities value education more than the white British do.

Well education beyond GCSEs is a matter of choice at the end of the day, so the ball is really in the Department of Education’s court to convince white Brits why degrees are worth the massive cost.